Two Top Theories For That Extermination #4 Ending (Spoilers)

Okay, so, we’ve all read the ending to Extermination #4 by now, right? The one where this happens?

And then this happens?

Good. Just wanted to be on the same page.

Now, a dead young Cyclops/Tykeclops at this stage would cause all sorts of issues for Teen Cable trying to send them back in time. For a start Teen Cable would no longer exist, Cyclops is his dad and also raised him in the future. Then there are the decades where Cyclops continued to play a very important role in the -Men, saving the world, the universe, many times over. So Ahab may not get the future he wants – or any future at all.

Here are two suggested ways out of this situation.

We already have Mimic in play. Teen Cable used Mimic’s wings, copied from the Angel, and surgically implanted them back onto Angel instead of his cosmic fire wings to prepare to send Angel and the other O5 back to their own time.

Now Mimic has all the O5’s powers, and that final scene was in silhouette. Could it have been Mimic who attacked Ahab and was Shunked to death? And Tykeclops is still fine? Yes, Ahab calls him Cyclops but he was confused. And we have Teen Jean saying ‘Cyclops?’ and Old Jean saying ‘No’. Not in a ‘no, he can’t be dead’ but a ‘no, that’s not Cyclops’ way. That’s theory one.

Theory two is darker. Teen Cable, already prepared to mind wipe the O5 to their pre-time travel selves, including erasing Iceman’s sexual identity in the process, to preserve the timeline could, theoretically, do the same for the Mimic. Remove all his powers, but Cyclops’ optic blasts. Use his shapeshifting powers to Mimic Scott Summers permanently. And use Jean Grey’s memories to implant everything he is going to do. Create a DNA fix so that no one suspects. And reveal that for decades Scott Summers was never Scott Summers, but the Mimic who thought he was Scott Summers, all along, playing out the memory of Cyclops until he dies. And then find a way to bring back a Scott Summers who never did all those naughty things…

So not only did Cyclops create Cable but Cable creates Cyclops.

Which would you prefer?


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