Bandai Namco Will Ban Inappropriate Characters in SoulCalibur VI

So we’ve been avoiding this topic because it feels like clickbait and kinda dumb, but people have been making weird creations in SoulCalibur VI. They’ve ranged from the absurd with some making beefy versions of Pikachu to the explicit with some creating fake genitalia as part of the costume. While we’ve had fun checking them out, apparently Bandai Namco have not, and the company will start cracking down on creations they deem inappropriate online. This notice below has been making the rounds, in which the company straight up says they’ll take away your online options if they don’t like the way your character looks.

From our perspective, we think the entire situation is silly. First, creating these kinds of characters has been a thing since Create-A-Character options have been available in all of gaming. The company had to know at some level they were opening the floodgates of creativity on every level, no matter how ambitious or deviant. However, on the flip side of the coin, gamers have to realize that if you push the buttons of the devs in this manner, consequences are almost a certainty. How the SoulCalibur VI audience will react to it will be a matter of time, as we’re sure someone will get banned for having a character show too much of something when it’s actually innocent. We’ll see which side ends up being the bigger aggressor soon enough.

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