What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – October 2018

About a week or so ago we received our latest subscription box from Loot Gaming for the month of October, finally getting this set back on time. We were quite curious about what might be inside, so we cracked open and took a peek at what they had in store for us.

So starting with the pin, we're not entirely sure what this month's theme was beyond a possibility of role-playing, so the first thing we saw was a special crest for Loot Gaming. It has some specific symbols like the Loot Gaming logo, a couple of arrows, three hearts, and a joystick, all surrounded by an elk, a crown, and what appears to be a griffin. It's a lovely looking pin, but it really isn't tied to anything. It also still has the metal stopper on the back, which we're still not fans of. Overall, it's an okay pin.

Moving onto an item from a previous box, this is a special 20th Anniversary license plate for the game Banjo-Kazooie. This was supposed to be an item in another box from two months ago but wasn't produced in time. Now that we finally have it… it's a bit of a letdown. They made this thing sound like it was going to be an awesome collector's item, but it feels like something I could have snagged from GameStop. And much like an item from GameStop, it's missing stuff. Below is a supposed holder for the item, but it doesn't fit the item in any way/shape/form. It's smaller than the plate in every respect. It doesn't stand alone, if anything, it needs a second one to work. This was an absolute waste and not even worth of Banjo-Kazooie, and whoever conceived it should be embarrassed.

Next up we have a Skyrim Dovakhiin Helmet Replica. This is basically just a miniature reproduction of the helmet put on a stand for you to have on your desk or up on a shelf. It looks amazing as far as the design goes and if you're an Elder Scrolls fan, this is a must own. But that's basically all it does, it just sits there. I liked it a lot for the design.

Next, we have an 8×10 inch photo from the game God of War. It's the primary art for the game, but thrown onto paper and designed to make it look like this is a painting. Which is a little insulting because it's not even on a canvas, it's just got a coating on the top to make it look like one. While it looks nice, I'm confused as to why this is here and why it wasn't released months ago when the game actually came out. We're kinda "meh" on this one.

The poster from this box is an old-school art design from Dungeons & Dragons. This one looks pretty awesome, especially considering all the D&D stuff happening right now. It's a nice touch to have parts of the art coming out of the box it was designed in. The only drawback is that it's a folded poster and not rolled up, so now I need to spend months trying to iron the creases out.

Finally, the make-or-break item of the box: the t-shirt. This one is also D&D themed as we get a bright red shirt with a dragon illustration on the left and the game's logo. While it does look pretty cool, we're not so hot on the design placement. It feels like those old bowling shirts where a dragon would be on one side of the shirt. It feels tacky, which is a shame, considering our love for the game.

Overall, I'm sad to say, this box was a bummer. Its a bunch of decent items paired with one really bad one that makes no sense. The minute I saw D&D and Skyrim stuff in this box I was hopeful, but the rest just tanked the box and made it feel like a waste. I really hope November's box does better.

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