Critical Role Blows the Bloody Doors Off MCM London Comic Con

Critical Role Blows the Bloody Doors Off MCM London Comic Con

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Critical Role is an US-based web series produced by Geek & Sundry in which a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. It is rather popular.

Today, MCM London Comic Con discovered just how big it is in the UK. The cosplayers, the crowds, the lines, the crowds, the comics, the crowds…

We reported how one comics creator, Kit Buss, who has appeared at many previous MCMs in the Comics Village without fuss, had created art for the Critical Role players and had appeared in an episode. Her line at the show, debuting her new comic, was longer than Frank Miller‘s and needed constant managing by staff.

People started lining up for the big panel on the main stage, very early. But some did not realise that MCM don’t clear panel rooms, so very few of them were able to get into the panel, which had been filled with other Critical Role fans through the previous panels. There were some harsh words, especially from those who had queued all day and especially those who had travelled from across Europe. For those who missed the panel for whatever reason, keep an eye on Critical Scope’s Instagram feed… but this is how it looked.

There was a panel lined up on Sunday for their smaller open-to-the-aisles Live Stage but as a result of today it has been moved to the Main Stage at 2.15pm to 2.45pm, with Brian W Foster, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, Mathew Mercer, Sam Riegel and Taliesin Jaffe. But given the events today, expect every Main Stage panel before it to be full of Critical Role fans. Again. But this time for everyone to know about this in advance.

So Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Frank Quitely, Jimmy Palmiotti, Klaus Janson, Tim Sale, John Romita Jr and Andy Kubert, flown over and all ready for the big the Batman panel at 10.45am? Expect to be talking to wall-to-wall Critical Role fans… it’s going to be like Twilight and Hall H all over again.

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