Twitch Addresses the Long Lines at This Year's TwitchCon

Twitch Addresses the Long Lines at This Year’s TwitchCon

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If you happened to be watching Twitch today for any live coverage of TwitchCon, chances are you could swear you saw the same thing on every channel. Opening day of the event saw massive long lines to get into the event, which, of course, nearly every single Twitch streamer decided to go onto their feeds and complain about through their cellphones. For the vast majority of us who attend conventions on the regular, we didn’t bat an eye because that’s the norm. It’s affectionally called LineCon. But for some reason, a lot of streamers didn’t get the memo that lines are a thing and got super upset. In response, Twitch sent out a notice this evening addressing the issue for tomorrow.

We want to see as many of you at TwitchCon as possible, and we’re glad you want to be here, too! Unfortunately, the lines outside the convention center today didn’t hold up to the bar we’ve set for this show. We’re sorry and want to make sure everyone has a better experience this weekend. Here are some changes we’re making to ensure everyone has a better experience tomorrow and on Sunday.

  • The convention center will be open tonight for an extra hour — hang out until 7PM if you’d like.
  • Tomorrow we will open registration one hour earlier, starting at 7AM. The expo doors will open at 10AM.
  • We are opening additional entry points to get more of you inside faster.

Whether or not this will fix anything is an entirely different issue, and you can’t stop IRL streamers from talking about what they think of everything at every moment. So tomorrow will tell whether or not the changes will get everyone in on time.

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