Nick Spencer Introduces Union Politics to Amazing Spider-Man #8

Nick Spencer Introduces Union Politics to Amazing Spider-Man #8

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ieRecently, Batman gave us the Court Of Owls. Then even more recently over in Superman we’ve had the secret criminal organisations that plot together out of earshot of Superman. And in today’s Amazing Spider-Man? The reestablishment of the Thieves Guild.

Yup, a union. And one keen to collect on dues from those who operate in New York without paying.

And they’re keen to deal with this new spate of supervillains and superheroes that have emerged of late. Who, again, have union subscriptions to make up for. It seems that in the Marvel Universe, crime is meant to be a closed shop.

With the superheroes blamed for upping the violence game. Also some very nice comparable layouts from Humberto Ramos there.

It’s an observable phenomenon that where police don’t carry guns as standard, and gun possession is heavily punished, that professional criminals tend not to carry guns either. It’s all a game of attrition. Is this the point that is being very subtly made here? Because it seems that these thieves don’t need weapons for heir greatest heists…

Nick Spencer writing Captain America again there… time for a little union busting?

(W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Humberto Ramos
• The heist of the century is ON!
•  Who are the Thieves Guild of New York?
•  Spidey might die trying to find out.
Rated T In Shops: Oct 24, 2018 SRP: $3.99


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