A Battlefield V Dev Got Banned from Playing Black Ops 4

Well, that’s one way to kick off the week. Florian Le Bihan, a game designer for Battlefield V was banned from Black Ops 4, accused of cheating. Le Bihan was an esports pro who, to be blunt, is just that damn good when it comes to killing people in FPS games, as you can see by one of the tweets below where Treyarch banned his profile. Le Biahn has been working on Battlefield V, but that doesn’t mean he can’t relax and blow off steam with the competition, so it doesn’t appear to be personal. This seems more like enough salty players didn’t like that they got owned and reported him enough to get banned.

The story does have a happy ending, however. After contacting the company and showing footage of him playing the game, Treyarch unbanned him and he’s free to play Black Ops 4 again. But it’s a chilling kind of worry for some gamers to know that if you’re too good at the game, the servers might think you’re cheating anyway.

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