NYCC Goss: Sorry, Jane Foster Isn't Getting Her Own Comic Book?

NYCC Goss: Sorry, Jane Foster Isn’t Getting Her Own Comic Book?

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Spinning out of NYCC, we know that the War Of The Realms storyline is about to start in the Thor comic book, and there was much gossip about Marvel’s Thor plans in the bars between comic book professionals. But further investigation (yes, yes I do some sometimes) reveals it to be built on whiffle dust.

The hot rumour was that War Of The Realms will be Jason Aaron‘s swan song on the series that he has written for years now. Nope. He isn’t going anywhere – not yet anyway.

I was also told to expect a few tie-ins in the manner of Asgardians Of The Galaxy, but also a book starring Jane Foster. Foster became The Mighty Thor for a few years when Thor Odinson was deemed unworthy to wield Mjolnir, and was a big success for the company.

But no, it seems that even though Jane Foster will be playing a significant role in War Of Realms,  we aren’t getting a Jane Foster solo book. We are, however, getting something… when I get a whiff of what it is, I will share.

We ran a whole bunch of comic book gossip that spun out of New York Comic Con regarding DC Comics last week. Well, it seems that the Marvel scuttlebutt took a little longer to make it back across the pond, probably going surface mail I suppose. Anyway, it has been bludgeoned on the slab now and we should be able to run some of it over the day.  Catch up with more of the Marvel post-NYCC rumourmongering using this tab…

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