It Looks Like Anthem is Getting a Livestream on Halloween

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Bioware has revealed that Anthem is getting a live stream next week to outline the game even further.

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There still seem to be a fair few questions around Anthem and how the game will function moment to moment. We’ve seen extended gameplay that looks excellent, but right now, the overall structure seems a bit vague. Because of that, a whole lot of people are curious as to just what the game is and what it will be bringing to the table. Any new glimpse of it usually gets fans of the genre talking.

Well, it seems we are going to be getting some more just on the horizon. In a rather off-the-cuff feeling tweet, the game’s lead producer Michael Gamble said that an Anthem livestream will land on Halloween, and alongside another Lead Producer, Ben Irving, they will just pick a ‘random’ build and play. While I’m sure more planning is going on then the duo is letting on, this does seem like a good chance to see even more moment to moment of the game. Depending on the state of it, the structure could become much clearer too. In the tweet, he said:

I’m very curious just how deep this look will go and what exactly we will get to see. Also, just seeing the state of the game should be interesting. Hopefully, we get some more details, including times, as we get closer to the day.

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