Valve Pushes the Artifact Beta Into November

Valve has sent out a notification to players who have signed up for the beta of Artifact that it will not be coming in October after all. The message below was received by players who had either signed up for the beta or received a copy during their time at PAX West this year, alerting them of the change.

You are receiving this email as an attendee of The International Dota 2 Tournament or someone who has registered an Artifact beta key. We have added Artifact to your account but we have a bit more work to do before letting everyone in. Right now we’re planning for that to happen on November 19. The public release date will still be November 28.

This is a little suspect and makes us wonder if, in fact, the company plans on keeping the November 28th release date. To us, it seems awkward to have a beta that you’ve promised for months only show up nine days before you decide to release the game in full. So if you happen to get Artifact on the date that they say it’s being promised and it comes with a number of bugs that might have been ironed out with more time, don’t be too surprised.

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