Konami Adds Some Other IP Assets Into Metal Gear Survive

Konami Adds Some Other IP Assets Into Metal Gear Survive

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If you happen to be one of the people still playing Metal Gear Survive, Konami has added in some familiar additions to the game. Starting on October 23rd, the company will be adding in some content from some of their other properties for you to use in the game, such as the Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, or a cassette tape of music from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The devs will also be adding “The Researcher’s Story (Special Edition)”, which you will have to beat the main game first in order to tackle it. We have a complete list of free content they’ll be adding to the game on Tuesday, if any of this happens to interest you and make you want to play Metal Gear Survive a little more.

  • Cassette Tape: [Silent Hill] Silent Hill
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Divine Bloodlines
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Beginning
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Symphony of the Night] The Tragic Prince


  • Cassette Tape: [SUPER CONTRA] THUNDER LANDING (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [NEMESIS] Challenger 1985 (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [LIFE FORCE] Power of Anger (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [Bells & Whistles] Gift of the Wind (Arcade)
  • Recipe: Advanced Weapon Workshop
  • Recipe: Advanced Gear Workshop
  • Recipe: Copper Statue
  • Recipe: Wooden Tower
  • Recipe: Moai
  • Recipe: Medium Floodlight
  • Recipe: Large Floodlight
  • Recipe: Streetlight
  • Recipe: Floodlight
  • Recipe: Palm Tree
  • Recipe: Cactus
  • Recipe: Sign: “STOP”
  • Recipe: Sign: “Beware of Animals”
  • Recipe: LargeQuiver
  • Recipe: MediumQuiver
  • Recipe: SmallQuiver

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