The Fortnite Runes Are Moving Toward the Floating Island

So all of those runes that have been moving about the Fortnite island, you’ll never guess where they’re all headed. Go on, take a guess. If you were one of the millions who predicted the floating island weeks ago, you are correct, as it has now been noted by several people online that it appears we’re headed toward whatever the end of Season Six may be.

Honestly, this isn’t news, everyone is just making it news because people finally saw all of them move at once and decided to pinpoint where they could all be moving to. But honestly, if you ever saw one of them make a movement at all over the past few weeks in Fortnite, all you would have had to do was look into the distance and use your map to take a pretty good guess that the two were linked together. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what happens when they finally get to the floating island.

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