Pac-Man Will Appear On Cans of Red Bull Because… Nostalgia?

Today, Red Bull showed off new cans that they’ll be rolling out featuring the iconic ’80s video game Pac-Man, but no one really knows why. As you can see, the cans will have everything from the board to the ghosts to Pac-man himself running around the design, but that’s about it. There’s no contest, no promotion, no giveaway, no build-up to anything behind it. In fact, about the only thing we could deduce from the promotion and other articles about it is that it’s being done simply out of a case of nostalgia.

credit//Red Bull

If you like seeing Pac-Man on your can of Red Bull, you can snag one of these until the end of the year. Beyond a collectible version of the can, however, there’s nothing else special about it that we know of at this time.

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