Hitman is Getting a Halloween Event Today

IO Interactive has announced a Halloween Event for Hitman that opens up all the content in Colorado.


Hitman 2 is just around the corner now and I’m very excited about it. The first game ranked highly on our Game of the Year list back in 2016 and remains one of the best of the last few years. It’s mix of tight and defined rules, as well a large helping of slapstick comedy makes it something you have to check out. One of the remarkable things about the title was the post-launch support it received too and that is still going on even this close to the sequel’s release.

To illustrate, a Halloween event is coming to the first game which is centred all around the Colorado map. Players will get full access to everything with the level, including the Freedom Fighters mission, escalation xontracts and, of course, the featured contracts in Colorado. You’ll also be able to go into contract mode and make your own missions. More than that though, and to tie it to the holiday, the team at IO Interactive has crafted some of its own contracts in Hitman that bring the spookiness up. They say:

We’ve created 10 Featured Contracts that are spooky, creepy or otherwise frightening. We had a lot of fun making them and we hope you’ll enjoy playing through them. We created some that are focused on disguises, others tell spooky stories through the briefing and others are plain mayhem.

The event is expected to be live at 6 PM CEST on all platforms. If you haven’t played the game or picked it up in a while,  this seems like a great reason to dive in before the sequel hits. Never say no to some more Hitman.