PUBG Looks to be Bringing Halloween Content to the Game

PUBG is holding a Halloween event for the first time, bringing with it all kinds of spooky items.


When PUBG launched, it seemed reluctant to get too wild with its tone. For the most part, and a little while after launch, the game stuck to clothing that was either military or every day wear. Bar a few gas masks and colourful jackets, there was nothing really out there in terms of clothes to dress up in. As time has gone on, and possibly as Fortnite got more popular, the game has been pushing the boat out just a bit more into the wacky side though.

However, it seems the game is getting ready to push things further than it ever has. In a new video, the PUBG social accounts showed off Halloween themed content which had all sorts of spooky and scary items. Most prominently, you can see a creepy Silent Hill-esque nurse, a sinister clown and even a brief look at someone with a pumpkin head. You can take a look at it here:

Besides this video and the promise of something coming soon though, we don’t know anything about this event. We are already halfway through October, so one would imagine this would have to land soon, but in terms of what it is, we just don’t know. We will be able to collect and keep these looks? Is it a specific mode? Is this going to be at all substantial? We will have to wait for those answers but with the holiday just around the corner, I doubt it will be for long.