Sony Says The PS4 Message Hacks Have Been Fixed

Over the weekend we reported on how there were a series of messages on the PS4 network that were causing players to have their systems hacked. At the time, Sony said they were aware of the situation and were looking into it. Today, with very little fanfare about it, the company says they’ve fixed the issues. The most common sighting of this confirmation is from their UK Ask Twitter account, who just addressed the situation very casually in a reply to someone griping about it.

The messages originally started appearing on the profiles of users who had been playing multiplayer games, most notably¬†Rainbow Siege Six as a salty and highly illegal way to vent at players. No word yet as to whether or not Sony will take action against the PS4 accounts of those who originally sent the messages or if they simply decided to correct the problem and walk away. But at the very least it’s been fixed… until the hackers find a new way to get around the new safeguards.

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