Halloween Tiki Mug Available Today From Mondo

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Halloween stuff is everywhere this week, and I for one could not be happier about it. Mondo today will have a new Tiki mug available, this one based on the iconic jack-o-lantern from the opening of the film. A knife sticks out of the removable top, and the backside of the mug features Michael Myers himself. It will hold 17 oz. of liquid, and comes with two of the slasher swizzle sticks. It features an orange glaze with black accents, and will ship in early 2019. I really love how it looks like the designs are carved right into the pumpkin as one would with an actual jack-o-lantern. This is one of the more unique Halloween collectibles that you can find right now, and I can’t wait to add this one to my shelf.

Check out some photos and details below:

From the slasher-classic HALLOWEEN, the next in our Mondo Tee-kis line is inspired by the Jack-o-Lantern from the opening credits and features a “carved” Michael Myers on the back! Complete with removable pumpkin lid, two Slasher Swizzle Sticks and holds approx 17 oz.
HALLOWEEN Tiki Mug (Standard Version). This wide-edition features a orange glaze with a black glaze wipe. Approx. 5″ in height, Approx. 2 lbs in weight, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Michael Bonanno, Kristin Rousseau, Tufan Sezer, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship in 1st Quarter of 2019. Limited to 850 mugs. $52
NOTE: These mugs are handmade, making each one unique, so slight variations from images shown may occur.

Be aware that this one is limited to only 850 pieces. It goes on sale today in the Mondo store at 11 am CST and will run you $52. Each is also unique, so they may not look exactly like the picture, but I have a couple of their other ones and they are fantastic. Do not worry if you place an order. You can do so right here.

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