Pokemon Go Still Surging as Game Makes $84 Million in September

It’s been announced that Pokemon Go‘s popularity is still surging as the game made over $84 Million in September.

Pokemon Go

For many, it may feel like Pokemon Go came and went. When it first released, it was everywhere, and you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing groups huddled together around distinct landmarks. While its visible craze seems to have died down, the game is clearly still very popular. It is continually getting updates and new Pokemon and the game always feels high on app charts.

Well, now we have a good idea of just how popular it still is. It’s been reported by analyst Sensor Tower that Pokemon Go made $84.8 Million in Septemeber alone. This comes from in-app purchases in the game. This is the best monthly revenue for the app since November 2017 and an incredible 89% increase over September 2017 performance.

More than that though, the game still seems to be growing. The report says the game’s download rate is up too, with it being downloaded 8.86 million times during the month.

It’s clear that the game is seeing a pretty significant resurgence right now, and that is clearly being fuelled by new content drops for the game. There are teases for new Gen. 4 Pokemon going on right now and if Niantic continues this support, it’s likely the game will remain part of people’s lives for a long while yet. The app really has done incredibly well with it being rare that mobile games keep sustained relevancy years at a time. That is a testament to the support and work done by Niantic. Here’s hoping it continues.