Fortnite YouTuber Gets Sued By Epic Games for Selling Cheats

You know, if you’re going to be a popular streamer or content creator with most of your videos revolving around Fortnite, maybe you shouldn’t sell cheats for it. That’s the fun lesson that Brandon “Golden Modz” Lucas and Colton “Excentric” Conter are learning this week as it was revealed through court documents that Epic Games is suing both YouTube personalities for selling cheat codes to their game. The company claims that the two have been posting videos of them using cheat codes and showing off how they work, followed by links to buy those very codes, thereby breaching the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To be clear, they’re primarily going after Lucas who posts the videos on his channel, and Conter as an accessory who is often featured in those videos.

credit//Epic Games

Epic Games is no stranger to suing people over Fortnite cheats and other materials infringing on their product, as they’ve taken everyone they can from former contracted employees to an underaged kid to court over messing with their game. According to Engadget, Lucas is claiming he didn’t know his online behavior was criminal. But if you download Fortnite like everyone does for the first time, you have to accept their policies and agreements before you can play, which includes dabbling in products that essentially break the game. So with the proof literally recorded for people to see on YouTube, it looks like they’ll end up paying a hefty fine if Epic wins in court.

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