Everlast is Producing Exclusive Street Fighter Fragrances

Everlast is Producing Exclusive Street Fighter Fragrances

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Have you ever been playing Street Fighter and thought to yourself “I’d like to smell like Sagot?” Everlast thinks you do as they’re releasing new fragrances. These are some exclusive sprays that are essentially cologne with the Street Fighter branding on the side, presenting in boxing gloves made to look like they’re from the game. We have descriptions of them below as they’ll go on pre-sale today for about $130 out of their Portugal distributor.


The idea behind the partnership is to play with the characteristics of the game, as the variants of the perfume refer to two combats between characters of “good” and “evil”. Everlast’s famous gloves bring the characters Ryu, Ken, Sagat and Balrog as protagonists, who will be challenged by Chun-Li and Cammy. Each product’s name refers to the series of commands done at the joystick to perform Ryu and Ken’s special moves in the game (Hadouken and Shoryuken), and will be split into two important fights.

The Hadouken perfume comes in red, and will be represented by the fight between Ryu (Japan) and Sagat (Thailand). In this fight, the winner will be challenged by Chun-Li, a female character who represents China. The Shoryuken fragrance, in steel-grey color, brings the confrontation between Americans Ken and Balrog. The winner from this dispute will be challenged by Cammy. The Brazilian touch can be seen in the seal of authenticity, represented with Blanka, a Brazilian character.

“We are thrilled to bring this game story to the fragrances. The Street Fighter franchise has a rich content that reaches a very diverse audience, which gives us the confidence that it will have a great acceptance both by the geek public and by the perfumery lovers“, comments Olindo Junior, Marketing Director for RR Perfumes and Água de Cheiro.


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