Amazing Spider-Man and Venom Go To Third and Fourth Printings

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Marvel has sent a bunch of comic books back to second, third and fourth printings. And it seems to be Amazing Spider-Man and Venom where most of the action is at. This kind of behaviour indicates which comic books may be selling out and selling out again and may indicate that retailers may want to up their numbers, just a little,

Coming your way for the 7th of November are these titles.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #6 and #7 go to second printing.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1, #3 and #4 goes to third printing
  • Asgardians Of The Galaxy #2 goes to second printing
  • Venom #7 goes to second printing
  • Venom #3 goes to fourth printing.
  • What If X-Men #1 goes to second printing
  • X-Men Black: Magneto goes to second printing.

We don’t have the covers yet but until then, here’s the cover from Edge Of Spider-Geddon #3 that’s went to second print a little while ago… that I rather liked.

ERRATA: We have added Amazing Spider-Man #1 and #4 to the lists, they were originally missed off.

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