Kobold Press Successfully Funds D&D 5E Version of Tales of the Old Margreve

Kobold Press Successfully Funds D&D 5E Version of Tales of the Old Margreve

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The folks over at Kobold Press have just ended a successful Kickstarter campaign to make a new version of Tales of the Old Margreve. If you’re not familiar with this adventure, the short version is that it was an independent RPG that utilized Pathfinder‘s system for players level 1-10. The adventure isn’t even that old, it was released back in 2010, but picked up a  lot of attention for those who were looking for an old-school adventure in what was a new game system at the time. Now, eight years later, the publishers threw a crowdfunding campaign to bring that adventure to life again, this time using Dungeons & Dragons‘ 5th Edition mechanics and ruleset.

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The company originally aimed for $15k, but with still half a month to go, they’ve snagged nearly $50k. Right now you can pre-order the complete PDF set for $25, or the physical editions for $60 which comes with a number of extras. You can check out the campaign and options by clicking here. No official word yet from Kobold Press when we’ll see Tales of the Old Margreve officially released. We’re guessing based on publishing times and costs we’ll probably see it early 2019.

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