58 New York Comic Con 2018 Posts About Marvel Comics

58 New York Comic Con 2018 Posts About Marvel Comics

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Well, we had a busy New York Comic Con. It is possible that you may have missed some of our coverage. What with the occasional outage and … well, so much stuff. So, how about a series of roundup reminder posts while most of Bleeding Cool are still travelling and dealing with airplane wi-fi?

This isn’t comprehensive, there are still more to run but for now… 57 stories about Marvel Comics from New York Comic Con 2018

  1. When Matt Fitch and Chris Baker Crashed the Marvel Party at NYCC
  2. Alex Ross’ Cover for Captain Marvel #1 in January
  3. Greg Hildebrandt’s Cover to Conan The Barbarian #1 From Marvel
  4. Cosmic Ghost Rider Joins the Guardians Of The Galaxy and Venom Is Unleashed in 2019
  5. Marvel Comics Presents Returns in 2019 – Looking At Wolverine Through the Decades
  6. Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno and Butch Guice Launch New Invaders Comic From Marvel
  7. Uncanny X-Men 3D Returns to Marvel Comics in January with Chris Claremont and Jim Lee
  8. Marvel Comics Are Launching Something Skrully in February
  9. Marvel Launches Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Comic in 2019
  10. Marvel Brings Horror, War And Romance Titles For Its 80th Anniversary in January
  11. Age Of X-Man Begins in January From Marvel
  12. The First Marvel Insider Activation Code From NYCC 2018
  13. Marvel’s Spider-Geddon Will Focus On Miles Morales
  14. Marvel Comics Revives Marvel Tales for January with Jen Bartel Covers
  15. The Return of Cyclops? Plus All the Less Important X-Men News From NYCC [X-ual Healing 9-03-2018]
  16. A Look Inside Spider-Girls and Runaways at the Women In Marvel Panel at NYCC
  17. Marvel Refuses to Announce a Chris Claremont X-Men Ongoing at NYCC
  18. Black Widow Returns in New Series from Soska Sisters and Flaviano, From NYCC’s Women of Marvel
  19. John Byrne Says He Would Be Back at Marvel if C.B. Cebulski Shook His Hand
  20. Marvel Responds to Liefeld X-Men Budget Comments: “We’re Trying to Put Out the Best Books We Can”
  21. Emma Frost Is A Jerk? A Preview of Iceman #2 From NYCC
  22. Nate Grey Confirmed at NYCC for January’s Age of X-Man
  23. Uncanny X-Men #8-10 Covers Shown Off at NYCC – a New Fall of The Mutants?
  24. Ed Brisson Taking the Donald Trump Approach to X-Force Relaunch, From NYCC
  25. First Look at Wolverine: The Long Night From Benjamin Percy and Marcio Takara
  26. NYCC Shocker: Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler Are Going to Ruin Apocalypse
  27. There’s a Whole Lotta Cyclops on Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 Cover, Announced at NYCC
  28. Marvel Sidesteps Question About Decrease in Diversity Comics at NYCC
  29. The Talent and Diversity Question at NYCC’s ‘Women of Marvel’ Panel
  30. Cloak & Dagger Relaunched After Only 6 Issues as Cloak & Dagger: Negative Exposure
  31. From NYCC – Advance Artwork From Infinity Wars, Justice League, Iron Man, Thor and Detective Comics
  32. Journey Into Unknown Worlds for Marvel’s 80th Anniversary
  33. Awkward! Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski Asked About Japanese Influence on Western Comics at NYCC Panel
  34. War Of The Realms From Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson Announced at NYCC,
  35. Another Marvel Insider Code For NYCC Attendees Worth 10,000 Points…
  36. Alex Ross Returns For Marvels’ 25th Anniversary Covers
  37. Champions to be Relaunched as a Legion of Superheroes for the Marvel Universe
  38. Carmen Carnero Announced as an Exclusive Marvel Comics Artist
  39. No Road Home: No Surrender Creators Reunite for Weekly Avengers Sequel in February
  40. Marvel to Launch Savage Sword Of Conan by Gerry Duggan and Ron Garney in February
  41. A Sneak Peek Inside Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 from Donny Cates at NYCC
  42. A Look Inside Fantastic Four #3 – and Where Ben and Alicia Are Heading On Their Honeymoon
  43. Interior Art From Avengers #700 by David Marquez and Ed McGuinness from NYCC
  44. C.B. Cebulski: The Opportunity is Open to John Byrne to Return to Marvel if He Wants
  45. Young Avengers Will Return in 2019
  46. Priest Credits Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti For Dora Milaje – 20 Years of Marvel Knights at Cup O’Joe NYCC 2018
  47. Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal Revive Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man for Marvel
  48. Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Humberto Ramos and CB Cebulski Explain How Marvel Make Comics at NYCC 2018
  49. Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast is Getting a Comic Adaptation
  50. Watch the NYCC Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Geddon
  51. Chuck Wendig To Write Shadow of Darth Vader For Marvel in January, Current Series Ends at Issue #25
  52. It’s Still All Good Between Brian Bendis, Marvel Comics and… Jonathan Hickman?
  53. Alex Ross in Town To Show Off Marvelocity on Late Night With Seth Meyers
  54. Venom Comes to NYCC With Stance Socks and Exclusive Todd McFarlane Print
  55. Hasbro Reveals New Amazing Line-Up of Marvel Legends at NYCC
  56. Daredevil Season 3: NYCC Clip Descriptions, Bullseye Confirmed, and a New Trailer
  57. Cloak & Dagger Relaunched After Only 6 Issues as Cloak & Dagger: Negative Exposure
  58. Alex Ross and Chip Kidd’s Signing at Barnes & Noble – Immortal Hulk Spoiler


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