21 Posts From NYCC 2018 – Cosplay, Galleries, Overviews And Comic Culture

Well, we had a busy New York Comic Con. It is possible that you may have missed some of our coverage. What with the occasional outage and … well, so much stuff. So, how about a series of roundup reminder posts while most of Bleeding Cool are still travelling and dealing with airplane wi-fi?

This isn’t comprehensive, there are still more to run but for now… 21 stories about cosplay, overviews, comic culture panels and features and galleries at New York Comic Con 2018.

  1. A Look at New York Comic Con Set Up for 2018 in Photos
  2. From Wonder Dog to Angel Wings- Day One Cosplay of New York Comic-Con
  3. 269 NYCC Cosplay Shots – From A 90s X-Force to a Topless Lady Deadpool
  4. From Stormtrooper Ballgowns to Superman Punching Doomsday: 125 Cosplay Shots From NYCC Saturday
  5. From Professor Pikachu to Many Reys – 65 Cosplay Shots From NYCC 2018 – Day Two
  6. Pictures from Artist’s Alley at NYCC
  7. A Video Walkaround New York Comic Con 2018’s Showfloor
  8. MTA 7 Subway Outage Havoc For NYCC And BTS Events
  9. The Daily LITG – 8th October 2018 – Stan Lee, NYCC and David Mack-y
  10. Lying In The Gutters – 7th October 2018 – The Wonder Of New York Comic Con
  11. The Englishmen In New York: Matt Fitch and Chris Baker’s Arrival Video at NYCC For Bleeding Cool
  12. When Matt Fitch and Chris Baker Crashed the Marvel Party at NYCC
  13. Fitch and Baker – The Art of Pitching to Publishers at New York Comic Con
  14. The New York Comic Con 2018 Party List – The Final List
  15. Welcome to New York Comic Con. Meet Your Billionaire Host.
  16. The #metoo & #timesup Panel at NYCC: Is it Time for Comic Creators to Unionize?
  17. Women in [Everything]: Intersectional Feminism Across Genres
  18. Marjorie Liu’s Keynote Speech to NYCC About Being a Dangerous Woman
  19. Diamond Adds ‘Retailer Suggestions’ to Their Retailer Website…. Oh Boy…
  20. The Swag From The Diamond Retailer Breakfast at NYCC
  21. The Daily LITG – 4th October 2018 – Here Comes NYCC

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