Todd McFarlane Says Warner Bros. Won't Make a "Scary Joker Movie"

Todd McFarlane Says Warner Bros. Won’t Make a “Scary Joker Movie”

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It seems that someone was ready to do some trash talking at Comic Con which should not be a surprise to anyone involved, and it also shouldn’t be a surprise that the trash talking is coming from one Todd McFarlane. McFarlane is currently in pre-production for his long-promised Spawn movie, which he is producing, directing, and writing. McFarlane hosted a panel at New York Comic Con called “Todd McFarlane Talks Movies, Comics, and Toys” and the topic of modern day superhero movies came up, and McFarlane had something to say about Warner Bros. Joker movies.

“I don’t believe WB isn’t going to deliver a scary joker movie. Because WB dark and my dark are different. You bring a kid to my Joker movie? They leave crying. … I just wanna nudge WB a bit. No disrespect.”

Todd McFarlane – Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics _ Season 1 – Photo Credit: Steve Craft/AMC

That’s quite the statement to make from someone who hasn’t released a comic book movie that they’ve written and directed  yet. McFarlane is probably right in that Warner Bros. won’t make a very scary R-rated Joker movie but we have no way of really knowing what kind of movie they are going to make. McFarlane went on to talk about his Spawn movie and its R-rating.

“There is a line, between PG-13 and R right? Deadpool was about here; R rated but a super hero movie with a couple of f bombs and naked butts. [McFarlane takes a couple of steps toward the "R line”] then Logan was somewhere here a bit more serious… [M[McFarlane walks across the entirety of the stage]pawn is going to be here.”

He went on to say that he was asked why Spawn doesn’t talk much in the upcoming movie and he cited many famous horror properties for his reasoning.

“Have you seen this movie? The Nun? The nun doesn’t talk much. Or uuh Halloween? Mike Myers isn’t that talkative either….it’s a FUCKIN horror movie!”

Finally, McFarlane has some expectations when it comes to the recently released Venom movie which could be taken spectacularly out of context if you so desire.

“I just wanted to see one thing. And that was make him big. Is he big? I leaned over to my wife and said god i hope he’s big.”

Shine on you crazy diamond, Todd McFarlane.

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