Response to Female Doctor Who Was 83% Positive, According to NYCC Panel

Social media is known for how vile it can be, especially when it comes to changing geek properties to be more exclusive, as we’ve seen over and over again in comics or in specific instances like the all-women Ghostbusters. But when it came to the reveal of Jodie Whittaker as the all-new, all-female Doctor, the response, according to BBC number-crunching, was overwhelmingly positive.

At New York Comic Con, the Doctor Who cast and producers held a panel immediately following a live screening of the worldwide broadcast of the first episode of the new season, and at that panel, producers revealed that the reaction to the news that the Doctor would regenerate as a woman, monitored on social media by the BBC, was “83% positive.”

Now, how will people react to her first episode? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments.

Bleeding Cool Ace Reporters Amanda Gurall and Adi Tantimedh are at the panel sending us live updates to turn into clickbait articles, so stay tuned. We’ve got at least one more left in us.

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