Companions No More? Doctor Who Supporting Cast are "Friends of the Doctor"

Companions No More? Doctor Who Supporting Cast are “Friends of the Doctor”

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For those in the United States, the Doctor Who premiere is still happening (we know, because we’re watching it as we speak right now). But it’s over in the U.K., and also at New York Comic Con, where attendees of the Doctor Who panel got to watch the simulcast live at the same time the rest of us did. With the screening wrapped (for them), the panel has begun, with the cast and producers talking about the upcoming season.

One notable difference… well, besides the showrunner and the gender of the Doctor… is that the Doctor’s four new friends (well, three… spoilers) aren’t known as companions. According to executive producer Matt Strevins, they’ve been avoiding using the term “companions” to describe, well, the Doctor’s companions. Instead, they’re referred to officially as “Friends of the Doctor.”

Well, change is good. Right?

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more from New York Comic Con’s Doctor Who panel. Bleeding Cool’s Amanda Gurall and Adi Tandtimedh are on hand at the panel, sending us live updates.

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