Just Cause 4 Developer Accidentally Leaks Multiplayer Mode at NYCC

[UPDATE] Just Cause 4 Developer Accidentally Leaks Multiplayer Mode at NYCC

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UPDATE: A few hours after this story ran, we received an official statement from Square Enix on the matter. “There will be no multiplayer mode in Just Cause 4. The member of staff that joined Avalanche Studios in Sweden some time ago is working on a different, non-Square Enix project.”

Welp, it looks like Square Enix is about to do a little bit of a news shuffle in the days to come, as some new information was leaked at NYCC about Just Cause 4. The leak came from the “Just Cause 4 Developer Showcase” panel at the convention where From Narrative lead Omar Shakir accidentally let slip to the audience (which included several members of the media) that the game will have a multiplayer mode, followed by the words, “We have hired people… can I say that? Well, I just said that.”

credit//Square Enix

The fact that the game is going to get multiplayer shouldn’t be unexpected, but it does sound like news that Square Enix and From Narrative were going to sit on until the time was right. Now that it’s out there for the public to know about… we’re guessing we’ll see an official press release sometime in the next week or so. We’ll have a more in-depth report of what the panel was about later on today. The panel also featured Christofer Sandburg and Nick Giovannetti, with Mike Futter (freelancer for Polygon, Variety, Mashable) as the moderator.

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