It Might Finally Be Happening – Report Says Developers Are Preparing For Name Changes on PlayStation Network

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A new report says that developers are readying themselves for username changes on the PlayStation Network, suggesting the functionality might be coming soon.


The inability to change your username on PlayStation has long followed the system. What started off as a passing ask has slowly built into one of the main requests surrounding the brand. It’s hard to overstate just how important an issue it has become over the last decade, but due to the infrastructure of the network, Sony has struggled to ever make it a reality. Last year PlayStation boss Shawn Layden said we might be getting the functionality before the next PSX, many thinking that meant 2018.

Well, there is no PSX this year, but it looks like there might be a reason to get excited. Kotaku has published a report that it’s heard from four different developers at different studios that are preparing for name change functionality on PlayStation to come pretty soon. There aren’t a lot of details, but Kotaku says ireceiveded a picture showing the functionality useable with an “edit username” button.

Kotaku has a great track record with this kind of stuff, so based on that, it seems like something is on the way. There was no word on a time-frame and it is still possible that this could fall through if developers and Sony do find it too complicated to implement. Still, it would seem that PlayStation users being able to change their name from something embarrassing they chose when they were young and dumb might be closer than ever.

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