Geoff Johns Says We Will See Robin’s Journey to Nightwing on Titans

Geoff Johns is holding his spotlight panel at NYCC right now, and after showing a new clip from Titans, he talked a little about where we will be seeing Robin go. Specifically, he says we will see his journey to becoming Nightwing. He specifically said he want to see a live-action Nightwing running around. Could we see that at some point on the show?

Robin will be an interesting case study on the show. How does being raised by a vigilante like Batman affect Dick both in and out of the costume? Obviously he is skewing darker from all the footage made public so far (F%$# BATMAN!), and it might be very interesting to see this aspect of the Bruce/Dick relationship play out. When I first saw the trailer I was not impressed, but they have done a great job flipping people’s expectations after they saw it at SDCC in July.

Geoff Johns is a famous champion of Nightwing of course, having saved him from death at least once I can think of off the top of my head. Him wanting to see a live-action Nightwing is important, as he may have a little say in making that a reality. Could Dick BE Nightwing by the end of this first season of Titans then? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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