Dauntless Is Getting a Halloween Event Called Dark Harvest

Dauntless Is Getting a Halloween Event Called Dark Harvest

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Phoenix Labs dropped some new information today about their upcoming Halloween event in Dauntless that they’re calling Dark Harvest. The company sent out the very short story below along with a few details of what you can expect to see over the rest of October. A new cult called the Unseen appear in the main hub of Ramsgate, as you’ll have to deal with the Behemoth. You’ll also have a chance to get limited edition skins and other goodies for successfully defeating it and other missions. Enjoy the story below as the event kicks off on October 17th.

credit//Phoenix Labs

The graffiti was fresh. Even several feet away, the smell of paint was overwhelming, creeping up and under Zola’s Sentinel mask. If she were to touch it, would the paint still be wet? She let her hand creep toward the first, glowing glyph.

“Can you read it?” A voice echoed behind her.

Zola startled, jumping back from the wall. There, in the shadow of a shuttered doorway, a woman in a grey cloak stood and watched. How long had she been standing there?

“Do you understand the writing?” she asked again.

The adrenaline had already begun to ebb, replaced by a quiet annoyance. She wanted the woman to leave. This was her discovery. Her mystery. But the woman showed no signs of leaving.

“I can read some of it,” she admitted. “Not all of it.”

The woman gestured toward the drying graffiti, indicating the first glowing line. “This part. It says ‘Do you carry,’” her finger followed the glyphs as she translated. “And here,” she pointed to the next line. “‘Lantern.’ It’s a call phrase. A kind of greeting.”

Zola suppressed a shiver of excitement. She had only managed to guess at the first few words, and here was a whole line. A key. “Where did you learn to read it?” she demanded.

The woman studied Zola as she’d studied the glyphs. Her expression was impossible to make out in the darkness, but after a moment, she nodded.

“I wrote it.”

“Teach me,” said Zola.

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