A Darker, Grittier Hellboy For 2019 - Dark Horse Announce Hellboy Day for March

A Darker, Grittier Hellboy For 2019 – Dark Horse Announce Hellboy Day for March

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At the Diamond Retailer breakfast, Dark Horse announced a Hellboy Day for March 2019, a month ahead from when the new movie is scheduled.

And we got to look at all manner of Hellboy projects too. Such as the Mignolaverse in all its glory.


And the movie shot.

Hellboy Motion Picture will be an R-rated vision of Hellboy. Supporting the motion picture, Dark Horse will have a promotion on The Wild Hunt, offering for just $14.99, as it ties into the film.

The Hellboy Omnibus collections are available now, “ideal entry point for new readers” with new covers

And the new Hellboy comic – and film – will be darker and grittier. “More in line with Mignola’s vision”

As well as sneak peeks at the Avatar comic, the Minecraft graphic novel, the Fight Cub Threequel and more…

“Great to be working with Jan again.” Will be the first of several publishing offerings leading up to the Avatar 2 movie

Chuck Palahniuk returns with Fight Club 3. Marla Singer is pregnant with Tyler Durden’s child. Protagonist Balthazar must team up with Durden. About teaming up with your personal enemy. “Rest assured, bodily fluids will be swapped” quote from Palahniuk delivered by presenter.

Legend of Korra is coming May 2019 “Korra was a huge series when we launched it last year… great to be working with Michael again.”
Written by Avatar The Last Airbender creator – “Try getting Avatar and James Cameron’s Avatar sorted out there.”

Minecraft graphic novels will be aimed toward younger readers like Plants Vs Zombies and Avatar the Last Airbender. Dark Horse is certain it will sell as they remind retailers that Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time.

And a few more shots to look at….

From the Diamond Retailer Breakfast meeting at New York Comic-Con courtesy of  Bleeding Cool reporters Hugh Sheridan and Madeline Ricchiuto at the scene, reporting back to Rich Johnston in London. This is how we slide to the ground in a heap. To read more stories coming out of the meet, use this tag…

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