Fearscape #1 Parodies Sandman #1 for Second Printing

We talked about Fearscape #1 by Ryan O’Sullivan and Andrea Mutti from Vault Comics today (and other people talked about it over here), but we now get the new that it has sold out at the distributor level. It will be rushed to a second printing that will feature a brand new Vault Vintage cover by artist and designer Tim Daniel.

Vault Vintage is a line of alternate covers that rips off celebrates the artistic achievements of both modern and legendary professionals of the comic book industry. For Fearscape #1’s second printing, Tim Daniel steals honours the work of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean by tracing paying tribute to their iconic cover to DC Comics’ The Sandman #1.

And here’s how it originally looked…

(W) Ryan O’Sullivan (A) Andrea Mutti
The Fearscape is a world beyond our own, populated by manifestations of our worst fears. Once per generation, The Muse travels to Earth, discovers our greatest Storyteller, and takes them with her to the Fearscape to battles these fear-creatures on our behalf. All has been well for eons, until The Muse encounters Henry Henry, a plagiarist with delusions of literary grandeur. Mistaking him for our greatest Storyteller, she ushers him into the Fearscape. Doom follows.In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99


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