Anthem's Raids Will Have Matchmaking

Anthem’s Raids Will Have Matchmaking

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Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah has confirmed that Anthem‘s raids will have matchmaking, letting players play them without a full list of friends.

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I think the Destiny raids are some of the most unique things in AAA gaming. While raids are not new for MMOs, the scale and shooter aspects mixed with the complexity and teamwork of stuff like World of Warcraft activities really create something a bit special. That’s why it sucks they are so hard to experience. From not just the high light level expectation but also needing to get six players together manually to experience is a tough ask. The mode doesn’t have matchmaking (bar the guided experience) almost certainly due to the intense, verbal teamwork it requires.

Well, that won’t be a consideration for Bioware’s Anthem. Taking to Twitter, Mark Darrah took some fan questions on Anthem, and during that, he confirmed that you will be able to matchmake into the experience. In his response to the question, he just simply said:

This does bring up some questions about the nature of Anthem‘s raids now. We don’t know too much about how they will be structured yet, in terms of length or complexity, but if it has matchmaking, does it mean they will be significantly different to Destiny ones? Will it be closer to some of The Division‘s end game content, which was shorter and less about intricate puzzle mechanics? It’s possible they are as complicated but will just throw players together anyways. I guess we are just going to have to sit back and see what this offers.

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