The Englishmen In New York: The Fitch/Baker Diaries for Bleeding Cool

The Englishmen In New York: The Fitch/Baker Diaries for Bleeding Cool

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Matt Fitch and Chris Baker write,

Greetings World, Matt and Chris, AKA Fitch/Baker here. We’re writing this together (who knows which one of us is doing what, eh?).

With Thought Bubble just barely behind us, we’re now gearing up for the next challenge – New York Comic Con. We’re going to be there with SelfMadeHero’s stateside partner Abrams, speaking on a panel and signing copies of our latest graphic novel, Apollo.

The wise old grandmaster comic sage, Rich Johnston (who, me? – Rich), offered us the chance to document our first ever trip to an American con, and so here we are. Starting now, and spanning the duration of the convention, we’ll be keeping you all up to date with the thrills, mishaps and general adventures that come our way as we traverse the pond. It’s a fish out of water story with cowboys, drag racing robots and – hopefully – a happy ending.

As self-proclaimed ambassadors for UK comic creators everywhere, we’re hoping our New York diary might become a useful tool for other creators down the line who are thinking about braving the flight as we are about to. We feel that, since we were invited and the opportunity fell in our laps, we should put some karma back out there and share the experience.

Right now, apart from writing this article, we’re getting ready by setting up meetings, finalising pitches, and gathering party invites. We’ve worked with lots of U.S-based artists over the years and we’re looking forward to meeting them in person. We’re also preparing our livers… everybody knows us Brits can drink any American under the table and we’re out to prove it. If you thought things got messy at Thought Bubble, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, Kid.

As mentioned, our main event at NYCC is a panel discussion. It’s called ‘Graphic Novels That Make History’ and is all about the process of creating comics that deal with factual subject matter. We’ll most certainly let you know how that goes, for better or worse.

New York is our moon race in many ways, we don’t quite know what will happen or who we’ll meet but certainly we are going prepared and ready to share the experience as best we can. Every so often we might go on a slight danger detour and upload a video or pictures, we want to mop up the fatty leavings of things people might overlook. Comic cons are rich vibrant places with pockets of interesting people and creations, and we want to drink it all in.

Until next time,

MATT & CHRIS @mattfitch81 @csbakercomics

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