Chadtronic Vs Amazon Over Teenage Fighting Food Dudes

Chadtronic Vs Amazon Over Teenage Fighting Food Dudes

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29-year-old Chad Bergström is a YouTuber known online as Chadtronic, who focuses on Nintendo-based content. A YouTube channel with 580,000 subscribers and 100 million video views, this year he started his own multimedia company called Yojoyco. And published his first comic book through it, Teenage Fighting Food Dudes, a pastiche of 90s cartoons such as TMNT.

Teenage Fighting Food Dudes takes place in 1994 in a place called Dinewell City. Dinewell City is at a time where it has become overrun by several fast food chain restaurants with secret ulterior motives. Jester Burger, the first restaurant to appear, is ran and operated by the evil antagonist Dr. Diejester. Dr. Diejester’s secret plan is to develop a burger sauce capable of brainwashing! It’s up to our crew of dude heroes, Turbo, Booster, Octane, and Judo to save the day.

He didn’t Kickstarter it, crowdfund it, find a publisher, or a distributor, he just did it himself and made it available through Amazon.

And it sold like a rocket.

Possibly too fast?

As Amazon decided to freeze his account. And it has remained frozen for a week…

Hey Amazon? Help a fighting food dude out? He’s currently exhibiting at Retropalooza if you would like to commiserate…

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