Which Of Marvel's 8 Exclusive Retailer Covers in September Did Anyone Actually Bother With

We asked this the other day. DC Comics offer retailers an exclusive variant cover opportunity every month or so. But Marvel offer 6-12 of them. But while all of DC's get taken up, what about Marvel?

Here's what they offered as opportunities for September-shipping comics.

  • Return Of Wolverine #1  (Order By 8/10)
  • Asgardians Of The Galaxy #1 (Order By 7/27)
  • Thanos: Legacy #1 (Order By 7/27)
  • Fantastic Four #2 (Order By 8/3)
  • Iceman #1 (Order By 8/3)
  • Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 (Order By 8/10)
  • Domino Annual #1 (Order By 8/10)
  • Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1 (Order By 8/17)
  • Spider-Geddon #0 (Order By 8/17)

Now, we do not know who actually took up these offers. There is no comprehensive list. But eBay listings help a little.

Return Of Wolverine #1 had a lot of variants from comic stores and art studios, including Art Adams, Comic Sketch, Midtown Comics, KRS Comics, IG Comic Store, East Coast Comics, Comic Mint, Unknown Comics, Scorpion Comics and ComicXposure

But Asgardians Of The Galaxy #1, I can't find anyone. Or for Fantastic Four #2, Soldier Supreme #1, Domino Annual #1 and Iron Hammer #1

Thanos Legacy had a few, including Scorpion Comics, The Comic Mint, Unknown Comic Books, IG Comic Store and ACE Comic Con. And Spider-Geddon #0 had NYCC, Midtown Comics, Scorpion Comics and The Comic Mint.

But of the others? No sign.

Same time in a month when we look at who bothered with October's list?




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