Frostkeep Studios Reveal Development Roadmap for Rend

Frostkeep Studios Reveal Development Roadmap for Rend

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Rend may currently be in Early Access right now, but the developers at Frostkeep Studios have decided to lay out their roadmap for upcoming features. The company released a blog post today detailing what they have in store, the finer points we’ve posted for you here. No word yet on when a full release of the game is being planned.

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  • Comprehensive Combat Improvements
    • Tightens up the gunplay to bring it in line with modern shooters.
    • Enhances the aesthetics of combat, making it feel more impactful.
    • Updates all creatures with new abilities and behaviors to make interacting with them more interesting in and out of combat.
    • Adjusts all biomes to feel more robust and challenging.
  • Streamlined Features
    • Overhauls game aspects such as crafting, storage, and much more with the intent of making Rend more accessible.
    • Introduces a new way for players to store and share resources intended for faction progression: the stronghold warehouse.
    • Adds account-level settings, allowing players’ Ascension Points to no longer be bound to individual official servers.
  • Legendary Artifacts
    • Introduces epic items from Norse mythology, including unique weapons and armor, that can shift the balance of power within a saga.
  • Dynamic Siege Combat
    • Makes raiding faction strongholds a more engaging experience.
    • Adds new siege weapons and tools such as catapults and personnel flingers.
    • Additional siege gameplay including bomb counterplay and delay timer for repairing damaged structures, and damage feedback from Divinity Stones.
    • Communicates faction progress towards win conditions more prominently.via Yggdrasil.
  • Refined Social Mechanics
    • Shifts decision-making power from Elders to the faction through permission requests and voting.
    • Applies force-fields that repel enemy players to faction stronghold doorways, mitigating griefing.
    • Allows players on a faction to form parties and play more cooperatively in PvE and PvP combat.

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