Fallout 76 Will Not Have Cross-Play Between Platforms

Despite Sony seemingly relaxing its stance on cross-platform play, Bethesda has said that it has no plans to make Fallout 76 compatible with the functionality as of yet.

Fallout 76 announcement photo

Yesterday could really be a bit of a landmark day for video games. Depending on what the future holds, Sony agreeing to allow cross-platform play between all platforms for Fortnite could have long repercussions that change gaming forever. While no other games have been announced to support the functionality yet, it’s hard to see a future where this isn’t an opening of the floodgates.

At least for one big upcoming online game though, don’t hold your breath on seeing cross-play. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has taken to Twitter to confirm that cross-play isn’t planned for Fallout 76 in any capacity right now. While he doesn’t completely shut the door on the possibility, it’s clear that players shouldn’t really hope to be playing with their friends on other platforms just yet. After congratulating Sony on the move, he went on to say:

While this probably isn’t what people want to hear, I don’t think you can be too hard on developers right now about not bringing the capability to play cross-console. Firstly, this still only applies to Fortnite so there is no guarantee Sony and other publishers want to accept this on other games just yet. Secondly, that is a lot of work that developers finishing up big complicated games, like Fallout 76, didn’t allot resources for. Still, perhaps one day the game will get it. Just don’t expect it anytime soon.