Is Marvel Comics Bringing Back Earth-616 in Spider-Geddon?

Is Marvel Comics Bringing Back Earth-616 in Spider-Geddon?

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Today sees the release of Spider-Geddon #0. Advertised as 40 page $4.99 comic which usually means 30 pages of story. But this issue is 36 pages long with only 25 pages of story. Could this be the way going forward for Marvel $4.99 books?

But this is the first appearance of the Playstation 4 Spider-Man version of the character with Mary Jane as his girlfriend who works at the Daily Bugle. And we even get an Earth-Designation for this reality in the Marvel Universe, Earth 1048. But in the process…

…as well as a little meta-commentary that makes it look as if Jude Terror has relettered the comic in question. But moreover, a statement that the Marvel Earth which has the current Superior Spider-Man in it, Doctor Octavius trying to be a superhero now, is claiming to be from Marvel Earth 616. The terminology created by Dave Thorpe and Alan Davis in Captain Britain, expanded on by Alan Moore and then taken on by Chris Claremont, was not liked by Marvel editorial. They gave creators like Jonathan Hickman and Dan Slott one last burst of use to get it out of their system, hence Spider-Verse, but Secret Wars was meant to do away with that terminology, creating the central Marvel Universe as Prime Earth.

Has that, with CB Cebulski continuity cop at the top, returned the 616 terminology to Marvel Comics usage. Or is this but a blimp? Because there is another possible continuity flub when the Superior Spider-Man reveals himself to this Playstation Peter Parker.

Isn’t he meant to be inside a cloned Peter Parker body? Wouldn’t Playstation Peter recognise himself, even with a different haircut?

(W) Christos Gage (A/CA) Clayton Crain
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