Telltale Games' Stranger Things Game Was Further Along Than Assumed

So when all of the drama with Telltale Games blew up last week, many of us assumed the Stranger Things title didn't even get that far in development. Like a lot of assumptions about Telltale, we were wrong. A post made its way to Reddit this week showing off gifs of cutscenes from raw footage of the game showing Will Byers and Joyce Byers as Will receives a new computer (a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 3, as corrected in our comments section), some gameplay, a few photos of the kids' designs on Imgur, and a Demogorgon.

Clearly, this is not built by the Telltale Engine and is likely something constructed from Unity based on the models. While it's interesting to look at, not everyone is happy to see it as this note was left behind by a former TTG developer on the post. We have all the images below since they're already online in several places. If you'd like to avoid looking at them and respect the work and effort that went into making it, the leaked info is below the quote and you don't need to go any further. If you don't care, you know where to find it.

Former developer here.

This was from an old build of a gameplay tech demo – the art is unfinished and unpolished, and not representative of the final product.

And to whoever leaked this – shame on you. Really, shame. Yes it sucks that our game doesn't get to come out, but by leaking things (especially old things, with no context) you're not only shitting on all of us that worked hard and can't show the fruits of our labors, but also ruining what little chance there was for STH or WD4 to ever release by violating agreements and placing what remains of TTG in more legal trouble. YOU personally won't get sued, but Netflix doesn't particularly care about how little money the company has left when it comes to protecting its property. So when the last of TTGs funds go to violation fees, and the MC project is canceled because you violated an agreement, and no one wants to buy the WD4 IP to finish it because they're afraid that we're a leaky boat, it'll be your fault.

Stranger Things concept art.

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