Daily LITG – 25th September 2018 – Stotties All Round

Currently in Newcastle, about to head to the cemetery for the funeral of Terry Wiley. Was in Tynemouth yesterday toasting his health and sharing memories – and discovering some of the Sinclair Spectrum games he used to program. Another string to his bow…

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And we move from one member to another.

Top five stories read yesterday:
  1. Do You Remember… Superman’s Penis?
  2. 5 Pages from Wednesday’s Heroes in Crisis #1
  3. Stephen Colbert Weighs In On the Batpenis 
  4. Bumblebee Drops a New Trailer, and it Looks Incredible
  5. Batman Damned #1 Signed by Lee Bermejo Sells for $1000 


And a happy birthday to:

  • Dave Lizewski, who the Kick-Ass character was named after.
  • Brtish small press comics creator Martin Hand.
  • Legendary comics creator Bob Layton, founder of Valiant, co-creator of XO Man O’War

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