Swag Shots and Hot Takes From Thought Bubble 2018

Swag Shots and Hot Takes From Thought Bubble 2018

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That was Thought Bubble that was… Held in the centre of Leeds in and around the city town hall, rain threatened but we only had a five minute shower through the whole thing (though it did come with added hail). But for the most part, the sun shone – though Babs Tarr used to the Florida rather than the Leeds sunshine wore two coats behind her table. There were a few bits of news – Dave Elliot teasing ‘GWNN’ with Dani Strips and Tula Lotay, Bleeding Cool commentators guessing that was ‘Girl With No Name’ and Sean Phillips talking up the new Criminal series starting in January and showing off the cover. And Bleeding Cool alumni Joe Glass, while selling the new Pride trade paperback and new issue of Pride Adventures was heard discussing a new Pride Swimsuit Issue and looking for an artist for an upcoming non-Pride superhero series. And what were Humanoids up to? A lot of furtive meetings in the corner booths of the nearby Radisson Blu Hotel were taking place. While Warren Ellis firmly established himself at the corner spot of the bar for the duration…

most people I spoke to had a good show, a number of folk sold through their stock on the Saturday and some even packed up befor the Sunday. Others noticed fewer people than last year – though also that many of those people were in the Gerard Way line for most of the show. There were also a lot more walk-ins – locals who had past the show in its far more central location with far more prominent ‘Comic Con’ signage facing the Headrow. There was some discussion about a greater national marketing campaign for next year, as someone stated that more people know of Thought Bubble in Portland than in London.

But again and again, I was told by punters and vendors alike that Thought Bubble is their favourite show bar none. Mags Visaggio called it ‘my kind of show’ and was already angling for an invite for the following year. And you know what? I may have a comic out next year and this would totally be the place to launch it… time willing.

Oh yes, of course,  there were comics. Lots of comics. Here are a few I picked up, spread over my non-burned-down AirBNB in the heart of Leeds, two minutes from the show, with a landlord who celebrated the show by having Beano Comics bedsheets for my arrival…


The art is by Cameron Stewart. And the Terry Wiley bits were courtesy of Dave Mckinnon who was manning the late Terry’s stall at the show. A few of us are heading up for his funeral on Tuesday. So maybe expect a slightly reduced posting frenzy from me tomorrow, okay?

On the train to Newcastle…

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