Thought Bubble 2018 Walkthrough – From One Side Of The Show To The Other (VIDEO)

I am currently in the hotel bar of the Radisson Blu adjacent to the ComiXology Originals Marquee of Thought Bubble. The rain has held off. The crowds and cosplay are out. The pros are nursing hangovers from being in this very bar last night. So that means it has to be time for one thing. Welcome to From One Side Of The Show To The Other, Thought Bubble 2018 edition. From marquee to marquee. Over twenty minutes in length. Juddery, blurred, giving you motion sickness – and as a result an accurate reflection of how those professionals are feeling right now.

From One Side Of The Show To The Other is one of Bleeding Cool’s longest standing traditions giving people a comprehensive flavour of comic cons the world over, and an idea of what it might be like to attend. Yes it could be improved. No it will not be. There are traditions to uphold after all…

And anyone who is at the show – see you at the party tonight?

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