Christian Ward on Approaching Invisible Kingdom With G Willow Wilson, at Thought Bubble

Legendary comic book editor Karen Berger of Dark Horse imprint Berger Books, addressed the crowds at Thought Bubble in Leeds today with an all-star creator panel. She talked about the line published so far and taking questions and answers from the audience. And mentioning that the original plan was for her to edit four series a year – which rapidly became eight.

We also got a better look at the upcoming Invisible Kingdom series announced this summer by G Willow Wilson and Christian Ward. With Karen and Christian explaining it as a sci-fi comic with traditional religion up against the religion of consumerism. Karen says that Wilson has two scripts written.

With a space nun and a delivery pilot working for an intergalactic version of Amazon, LUX, cast together against a universal conspiracy between religion and big business, trying to work out what’s going on…

The series will be published as three separate mini series, with collections published between each one. Christian contrasted his work on Invisible Kingdom as being more elegant than, say, his current work on Thor which he likened to rock opera. Invisible Kingdom is intended to use more naturalistic, if alien, colour schemes, with a more elegant, stripped back and purer art approach, something akin to 1970s sci fi book covers.

Berger says that there’s no one in comics drawing like him… ‘Good’ said Christian.

Invisible Kingdom #1 by G Willow Wilson and Christian Ward from Berger Books/Dark Horse Comics goes on sale March 20, 2019.

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