Xbox Fires Back at PlayStation Classic Announcement

You know what’s fun to watch on social media? Game companies take pop-shots at each other. The latest comes from Xbox against the PlayStation Classic. As we reported earlier today, the retro console was announced and it didn’t come without criticism from both ourselves, other media outlets, and social media in general. But of all of the posts we’ve seen online, the biggest swipe at the console came from their chief rival and their social media team with this tweet.

To be fair, you do need to own the physical games and load them into your system to play them, it’s not like there’s a giant library you can access for free that doesn’t require a subscription or the original game to download onto your system. So while technically true, it’s not entirely accurate. But hey, it is still funny as hell to us and everyone on Twitter that the company decided to make a response. Or as some put it: Countdown to the Xbox Classic Edition.

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