Today, Princess Leia Gets to Pilot a TIE Fighter, Just Like Old Dad...

Today, Princess Leia Gets to Pilot a TIE Fighter, Just Like Old Dad…

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In his newsletter this week, Kieron Gillen talks about Star Wars #54 out today.

Star Wars 54 drops today, the penultimate episode of Hope Dies wherein we finally find a way to have some ground based action before getting back into the space ships again. Honestly, getting heroes into unusual Space-ships is a whole lot of fun this episode

Heroes into unusual spaceships? He’s talking about one thing really…

That’s Princess Leia. In a TIE-Fighter. Flying it. Like father, like daughter, it seems.

And father like son as well. How Princess Leia flies a TIE Fighter, avoid being shot by her brother in an X-Wing while their father watches, breathing heavily. Without any of them knowing what’s going on… in space, no one can see you writing Rock Paper Scissors- style relationship charts.

  • Luke turns Darth Vader away from the Dark Side
  • Leia kisses Luke
  • Darth Vader blows up Leia’s planet.

Is that right? Oh and for Rogue One fans who need continuity reasons as to why we never saw General Draven in any of the Trilogy movies (aside from the fact that the actor was a teenager at the time)…

Looks like Star Wars can’t help keep killing people in Rogue One.


(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) David Marquez
•  PRINCESS LEIA aboard the Executor? Worse.
•  DARTH VADER pursuing Leia aboard the Executor? WORST OF ALL.
Rated T In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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