Daily LITG – 17th September 2018 – What Would a Crisis Be Without Bodies?

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Five most-read stories yesterday

  1. Another Heroes In Crisis #1 Death Confirmation (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  2. Outlander Shares New Season 4 Images of Claire, Jamie, and More
  3. Detective Comics #1-26 Reprinted At Last, Plus A “Shocking Revelation” Which Will Rewrite DC History
  4. Is Marvel Putting Blatant Left-Wing Antifa Politics In Their Spider-Man Comics?
  5. When Joe Quesada Talked to ComicsGate’s Jon Malin, Ethan Van Sciver and Richard Meyer

Happening today…

Happy birthdays to…

  • Comic creator Aladdin K. Al Miyany
  • Captain American Idol artist Chris Haley.

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