Uncanny X-Men #1 and Marvel Knights 20th for Local Comic Shop Day 2018

Local Comic Shop Day 2018 is coming. Saturday, November 17th, where participating comic book stores have special premium products to sell, often limited in nature.

Bleeding Cool let you know that Image Comics is issuing a Gideon Falls hardcover for the day. That Dark Horse Comics have an exclusive cover of William Gibson’s Alien 3 – The Unproduced ScreenplayAnd that DC Comics are doing a Liam Sharp Day with exclusive cover versions of The Brave And The Bold #1 and The Green Lantern #1.

Well, now we know what Marvel Comics are up to…

Marvel Knights 20th #1 LCSD edition. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Written by superstar writer Donny Cates, this comic will revolutionize Marvel’s Marvel Knights line. You’ve seen what Donny Cates has done with Thanos, Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider. This is what’s next!

And Uncanny X-Men #1 LCSD Exclusive. Open orders, unlimited. With Wolverine fighting the sentinels in the classic Days of Future Past storyline.

Either tickle your fancy?

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