'At What Stage Do You Become An Adult?' Rebecca K Jones Launches Boomerang at Thought Bubble

‘At What Stage Do You Become An Adult?’ Rebecca K Jones Launches Boomerang at Thought Bubble

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Comic book partners Peter Morey and Rebecca K Jones have a joint table at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds next weekend.

Peter Morey will be debuting a comics pamphlet featuring scenes from the London underground, Belly Of The Beast, a collection of objective drawings of buildings standing alone without any people, strung together as poetically as possible called Buildings, first chapter of a new book called Endswell, based on true events, centred around the eccentric goings-on at Endswell Farm, featuring exotic creatures, larger-than-life characters, and issues of mental health and elder-care.

While Rebecca Jones will be debuting new comic book Boomerang, a comic set in 2009, telling the story of a psychology graduate named Claire, who has returned to her single mother’s home in Stonemarket, South East England. Undecided, anxious and in a rut of job seeking and unemployment, she no longer knows anyone around of her age, until she meets struggling intern Daniel.

You can read more about Boomerang here – where would found some preview artwork for the project.

There can be a lot of misconceptions about what poor mental health ‘looks’ like, that the symptoms are always dramatic and obvious. Claire is reluctant to seek real help other than mask her insomnia symptoms for fear of being labelled and stigmatised. I wanted to convey the small signs that present themselves that can be overlooked, both by ourselves and those around us. Problems with sleeping, apathy, procrastination and self-medicating to mask problems, will all come up at some point in the story.

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